The music of extasy

Alceo Poltronieri was a completely self-educated person. In art, music and poetry.

In his house, crammed with paintings, brushes, easels and whatever else it is usual to encounter in an artist's house, a large organ stood out.
A precious tool of those that can be found in cathedrals, rather monumental.
It was the result of a barter, a typical habit of the artist (as Ligabue exchanges paintings for motorcycles, Alceo procures other instruments to express his artistic vein).

In the living room you could also see an old piano, another travel companion of music journeys that the artist alternates with brush works.

Fingers running over the keys. A melody is gradually built, a reiterated refrain.
Slowly, the loop of notes unfolds and takes the shape of a sound carpet, where the melody opens up to less structured and more ecstatic landscapes.
And here starts the flow that takes us elsewhere, with no more harmonic rules or structured musical techniques.

Compared to his poetry and painting, the artist's inspiration is probably expressed here in the freest and most anarchic form.

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